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Interview With Aleem Arif


Photo By: Sarah Comber

Beaconites are shining in every part of the world. Today’s interview is with one such Beaconite who resides in Canada and is a successful entrepreneur. Fashion Designer: Aleem Arif.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a proud Beaconhouse Alumnus and one of the first students to have attended the Margallah Campus in Islamabad. I am your quintessential 90s “isloo-ite”

After graduating from Beaconhouse, I attended Boston University. I completed my Masters in International Business and started working for Bank of New York as an algorithmic stock trader. Fast forward to now: I currently split my time between Pakistan and Canada as a Fashion Designer for my label “Bano eeMee“.

Bano eeMee makes world’s best leathers that are proudly and ethically made in Pakistan and sell in stores across the world.

I remember myself as quiet, focused and always keen to be the “model” student. I would sit in the front row and did all my assignments on time and don’t recall missing any class ever aka so boring. *Laughs Out Loud*.
Chilli Chips and Pop. Oh and the samosas from the canteen for lunch.
It definitely has in teaching me discipline, meeting deadlines and some of the best friends in my life are from Beaconhouse. I’m grateful that my parents worked hard to put me through one of the best schools of our generation in Pakistan.
I would say ‘have a little more fun kiddo‘.
Playing “Kona Kona” while everyone else played cricket
Janoon, Spice Girls and NSYNC.
Ainak Wala Jin and Jurassic Park come to mind.
Black because it soaks up all other colours and is classic and timeless.
Sayonee by Janoon.
I would be an ant because they are hardworking, humble and build thriving communities.
I loved watching The Crown. The acting is so on point.
Pakistan and South Asia inspire me. I love the architecture, the food and the zest of life that people have here.
Fashion Design: Making the best leathers in the world
I am currently learning French. I love travelling and cooking.
Make Pakistan proud where ever life takes you and help to build a community that is rooted in love, patience and tolerance.

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