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Interview With Masuma Anwar

 After giving many successful hits and lending her voice to Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Cocktail’, not many people know that Masuma Anwar is also a practising Paediatrician and a mum. Last year she also lent her amazing voice to the famous music show Coke Studio Season 9.

I am a practising Pediatrician and one of the leading Sufi singers of Pakistan.

These days I am studying for my exam, raising a 2 year old and yes working on some music.

I was the teachers favourite. Very confident and bold when it came to academics and extra curricular activites. I was selected as the council member many times.

Being a part of the music choir was something I loved and i guess this was where it all actually began.
Yea ofcourse. It has been a major building block in making what I am today. The confidence and the enthusiasm inculcated in me from the very beginning has moulded me into my very best version. And yes like my teachers said you dream big and then put in all u got to make it come true.
I’d say ‘I miss you’.
School was always fun. I stil remember the first time I recited a Naat in the morning assembly. I was 7 years old, my principal came out of her cabin and was pleasantly shocked to see how good I was. Moreover this became a routine for me later.
I was always into Sufi music.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Abida parveen
I also listened to other kinds of music to keep myself up to date.
I love all sorts of cartoons and animated movies. Cartoon network was my favourite. haha! Tom and Jerry were a highlight. Other than that, we had a strict check over tv hours.
Grey. I’ve always loved the color of aging. Its very graceful I guess.
Nothing in particular.
I’d be a wolf. They are loners yet inner strength is their very unique trait.
13 Reasons Why. A season people have been talking so much about. It about High School bullying and how badly it damages students.
My son. (laughs) I think I’m reliving my childhood. Alhamdolillah.
My parents. They are the only souls in this universe who love you unconditionally and give in every drop of their blood to raise you.
A manly husky voice.
I love treating patients for free. People who cannot afford a doctor.
Life isnt a bed of roses nor do I demand one. Be yourself, believe in yourself and I promise the world will be yours.
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