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Interview With Fahad Panni

After modelling and acting many years ago, Fahad Panni never stopped working for the entertainment industry, mainly as a producer and DJ. You probably remember Fahad as the head boy of Boy’s branch but some of us only remember him as the number one DJ on FM100. Fahad has recently made a come back to acting and has starred in films like Janaan & Verna.

I am a media specialist, business consultant & an artist. I was a Beaconite through 1988 – 1996.
I was the head boy in the last one and a half year of schooling and was famously known as Panni.

I am mostly busy with business consultancy and whatever time I get off from it, I’m busy with media as a production designer or as an actor mostly these days.
I was sporty, well dressed and a wee bit naughty.
Shifting to the huge Margalla Campus in H8.
Inter-Regional Sports.
Head Boy Days.
I would say ‘Aim More Higher!’.
All readers must first sign a non-disclosure agreement 😉 * Laughs Out Loud*.
Vital Signs, Junoon, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Daft Punk
Too many.
Blue, because I love it.
Push the feeling on – Night Crawlers
Around The World – Daft Punk
Missing – EBTG
Everything by Junoon
Flying Dragon and not because of Games of Thrones 😉
Agents of Sheild, because I enjoy watching series.
At one of the film premieres, a young boy asked me if I was Shoaib Mansoor.
Really?! 😉
In my free time, I’m either DJing or working on my new passion i.e. Music Production.
We should all meet once a year.
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