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Interview With Adnan Kundi

I am a Film Critique and a Fashion Blogger. I spend my time writing on my blog: The London Tree.
Other than that, I’m a Portrait/Fashion photographer and have covered a few fashion launch parties and film premieres.

The latest was the premiere of a web series titled ‘Relationshit‘, in which I had a cameo opposite actress Ingvild Deila, who is famous for portraying the role of Princess Leia in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

I was very shy and kept to myself. I didn’t do any physical activities during break time and even during the games period. I was quite good at the game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ though.

I loved walking around in the playground during recess. I was always with my friend Mudasser and we spent our time talking about movies and video games. Sometimes the school took us on trips which were quite fun.
Yes, it has. I have learned to dress up and present myself smartly to others. I have also learned good manners and most importantly patience when conducting myself with others during work, especially my elders.
Watch more and more movies. lol!!!
School itself was funny all the time. I only liked being in school, all the rest was just depressing around me.
Michael Jackson, Back Street Boys and a bunch of other singers and bands whom I don’t remember now.
Knight Rider, Street Hawk, Ultra Man, Air Wolf, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Voltron, The Saint, The Persuaders, Bergerac, Ben Hur, Casablanca, Thunder Cats, Nearly all Humphrey Bogart films, and no I didn’t spend my whole day in front of TV like I do now on Netflix. lol!
That colour doesn’t exist.
All Michael Jackson songs
The Wilder Vs Ortiz boxing match. I was looking forward to Wilder getting knocked out, which he nearly did but he rose again and won. It was a great fight. Now I look forward to him fighting Anthony Joshua.
It was not recently but a couple of women came up to my London Souvenirs stall a few years ago and complimented on my curly hair. They told me if I go to Scotland, all the girls there would fall for me. I still have to make a trip there to see if what they said will turn out to be true or not.
Photography at the moment. Classic portraits with a blend of fashion.
Photography and Film Critiquing, including doing nothing. lol.
I am recently working on writing a script for my first ever short film. I hope everything works out fine and my project comes to life.
Respect your teachers the most, including your parents equally. After that, your class fellows, and please don’t go around breaking stuff in school like many kids used to do in my times! (I never did that because I always found it something very stupid to do!)

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  • I’m so happy to read all these interviews!! I’m so glad to see that your brother is doing so well. I remember how he was very shy in school. I always wanted to talk to him but feared scaring him off. 🙂 Can’t believe we started school together in Pre-Nursery!

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