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Interview With Rabia Malik



I’m Batman.
I’ve been an Educationalist for over 11 years now, by choice and not circumstances. Currently enrolled in a university in Australia and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do next in life. I was working as the Principal of Pakistan’s first alternate and democratic school-Edopia and teaching at NUST prior to coming here.
I’m a geek and trying to find my chi.
I’ve been married for 12 years, have a beautiful daughter…etc etc etc

Netflix and Chill. Just kidding.
I’m currently in Australia, enrolled in a post-grad course in Educational Studies. Learning to ride a skate-board(failing miserably) and working remotely as a consultant for two start-ups here.

I was a nobody in school. I hated every single micro-second of it. I spent the whole part of the academic classes daydreaming. I read at least 4 novels during the week secretly under my desk, while the teachers were teaching. Most of the books were not age appropriate and it’s funny why they let us borrow them. :p I only enjoyed the music classes, still know the “Raag Malkoons” ka tarana by heart. I was known as “The Nalaaik Kid.” I always sat in the last row. Oh! and I was expelled once too for a day. Okay TMI.

I enjoyed the bomb hoax events. Somebody would call the school and tell them that they had placed a bomb in the school. Our teachers would make us sit along the furthest end of the school or take us to the H-8 graveyard for protection.
Yes, the phaday(fights)!

I owe my English Language skills to BMI, I’ve landed good jobs because of the confidence and language skills that I acquired from the school. As a teacher and administrator, I’ve tried to avoid doing everything that was practised at school.
In Grade 10 they scared us so much about the Federal Board not accepting us as regular candidates that I started having seizures and panic attacks. I was out of school for a few months. I had to take a lot of medication and I barely passed the exam. I think the question here should be, “How have the bad experiences from school shaped your personality?”

“Hang in there, soul sister! You don’t know what’s waiting on the other side yet, but it’s beautiful and you’re going to shine like Sirius pretty soon.” (Exaggerated much?)

Okay so this is something I’m really not proud of and I would like to apologize to the artist. I’ve always wanted to, hope you’re reading it. But, ummm jeez this is embarrassing. So in 2000 when I was Grade 10, somebody made a really nice sketch of a girl and the poster was hung on one of the notice boards on the ground floor. I improvised a little bit and added a goti to the picture and wrote the name of a boy my friend was crushing on. Yes, you have every reason to hate me…… The picture disappeared from the notice board. A few days later in the morning assembly, they asked us all to sit down on the ground and a very furious Ma’am Zohra or Mrs Shaukat produced the sketch and announced that the person responsible must step forward. I can still feel my legs shaking from that day. I’m thankful to everyone for not telling on me, especially the Head Girl. 😉

Whatever my mother was listening to and music from the WWF and WCW. However, in Grade 8, I started following bands like Tool, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, SOAD, Rage Against the Machine, Cradle of Filth, Rammstein, Sepultura, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G etc.

I was a huge wrestling fan; WWF and WCW. I absolutely adored Stone Cold Steve Austin.
I watched everything that PTV and NTM(STN) telecasted. I was a huge fan of the Sesame Street. I watched a few episodes last week for my Educational Psychology course and I’d like to request everyone back home, especially preschool administrators and teachers to daily include one episode of Sesame Street to their Morning Circles at school.

Black- when you mix all the colours together, the end result is black. Every colour and shade is important and should be celebrated.

The Prodigy- Smack My Bitch Up
Tool- Sober

A lizard. It’s not big, it’s harmless, but it can cause sleepless nights. 😀

Well, it’s obviously been hilarious when people who knew me from school brought their children for enrollment and found out that I’m the Principal at Edopia. Their expressions are priceless every time. :p
Last week, here in Newcastle I was waiting at the bus stop with a lady who was pretty drunk. Poor thing was crying about some invisible wounds on her arm that were bleeding profusely. I played along, naturally fighting to control my laughter. Told her I was a doctor and cleaned her non-existent wounds with my sanitizer and took her home.

Children. Talking to them, observing them, and absorbing their energies makes me want to spend my life in trying to make this world a better place.

It’s hard to tell really. I really hope I’m known for good things. 😀  I’ve often had people address me as a Mama-bear.

I read a lot of literature on the 21st-century learning. I explore a lot of apps and software that can help bridge the gaps for struggling students. I watch quite a lot of videos about schools and teaching. I’ve been trying to practice a social media rehab and it’s been very healthy, non-toxic and productive for me. Lessened my cognitive load. Please take a break from Facebook.

I don’t think I’m worthy enough to preach anything or give any inspirational messages, but I just want them to know that if they need any kind of assistance or input from me to help make any plans or decisions regarding their children they can always shoot me an email on I’ll try to help as much as I can from my limited experience.

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