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Interview With Rabia Malik

    Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m Batman. I’ve been an Educationalist for over 11 years now, by choice and not circumstances. Currently enrolled in a university in Australia and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do next in life. I was working as the Principal of Pakistan’s first alternate and democratic school-Edopia and teaching at NUST prior to coming here. I’m a geek and

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Interview With Adnan Kundi

What are you doing these days? I am a Film Critique and a Fashion Blogger. I spend my time writing on my blog: The London Tree. Other than that, I’m a Portrait/Fashion photographer and have covered a few fashion launch parties and film premieres. The latest was the premiere of a web series titled ‘Relationshit‘, in which I had a cameo opposite actress Ingvild Deila, who is famous for portraying

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Interview With Fahad Panni

After modelling and acting many years ago, Fahad Panni never stopped working for the entertainment industry, mainly as a producer and DJ. You probably remember Fahad as the head boy of Boy’s branch but some of us only remember him as the number one DJ on FM100. Fahad has recently made a come back to acting and has starred in films like Janaan & Verna. Tell us a bit about yourself.

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Interview With Masuma Anwar

 After giving many successful hits and lending her voice to Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Cocktail’, not many people know that Masuma Anwar is also a practising Paediatrician and a mum. Last year she also lent her amazing voice to the famous music show Coke Studio Season 9. Tell us a bit about yourself.I am a practising Pediatrician and one of the leading Sufi singers of Pakistan. What are you doing these days?These

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Interview With Aleem Arif

  Photo By: Sarah Comber Beaconites are shining in every part of the world. Today’s interview is with one such Beaconite who resides in Canada and is a successful entrepreneur. Fashion Designer: Aleem Arif. Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a proud Beaconhouse Alumnus and one of the first students to have attended the Margallah Campus in Islamabad. I am your quintessential 90s “isloo-ite”   What are you doing

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